Monday, June 1, 2020

God is Working. Are you paying attention?

God has been at work in and through our people the past ten weeks of COVID-mania.

Here's a list of some of the things happening in the life of Grace the last ten weeks:
  • 5 PM Deacon Prayer Calls - we launched this to help us check on our people early and often
  • 8 AM Morning Prayer Calls - we launched this back in Dec. to practice more dependency on God
  • was launched recently by one of our members 
  • Groups and Sundays transitioned to online zoom chats
  • Neighborhood care packages delivered (Amy & Kate) to Frankie Lane residents (Ladson)
  • Memory Verse cards delivered to children and families
  • 6 friends of Grace attended Starting Point (Whittington, Wright, Mather, LaDuke)
  • 2 weddings of our members
  • 3 drive-by parades (Caleb & Shyanne, Spencer & Ana, Lyndsey)
  • 2 distant drives to get college students home safely (Jenny & Kara)
  • 4 times helping people move (Edwards, Leckie, Mather, Black)
  • 3 lost jobs but got new jobs (Byron, Peter C, Tricia C)
  • 2 families were assisted in yard work
  • 2 babies on the way (Lizzie E & Taylor C)
  • 1 COVID-19 case
  • Lots of meals shared
I share these things from our small church to help you see that God is at work in and around us all of the time. 

God is working in and around your life too.  

Are you paying attention?

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