Monday, November 23, 2020

Do the Math. Is your faith adding up?

 This article is interesting on the future of the American church. 

What’s even more interesting to me though is that it was written in February 2020–essentially pre-Covid since nothing had closed down yet. 

The reason I say that is because Covid has accelerated everything is hasn’t stalled.

So encourage you to read this short article.

My question to you is not what is your church doing but what are you doing with respect to your faith and church? Have you let this pandemic derail your best source of encouragement in your faith?

“Church” biblically defined isn’t a building or event. It is literally the people of God gathered in Jesus’ name. 

It means that healthy Christians are regularly gathering with other Christians. This is part of what sustains us as the Church when we’re scattered to where we live, work, learn, and play. (Depending on how locked-down you are)

It means that if you’re not gathering with other Christians (in-person or online) around God’s word, then you’re undermining your faith in Christ. You’re not walking in obedience to a command as basic as do not forsake gathering with other Christians.

I pray that God will remind you of the hope you and I have in Christ.

The Word of God +

The Spirit of God + 

The People of God =


Become like the Son of God

Do the math of your faith. How do you score? 

I have

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