Wednesday, October 12, 2022

King & Countries series (Matthew 9-14)

This week we’re preparing to launch a new sermon series called King & Countries (Matthew 9-14). We’re pairing this up with our new Friends & Family groups that will discuss the passages these sermons will come from each week for the next 6 weeks.

Equipping and encouraging people to step out in faith and host a group of people that they themselves invite is a challenge! I’m praying that many will step up and do just that. We’re giving them everything they need to succeed here

Jesus has all authority in the world, so that all nations will pledge all allegiance to him, as is appropriate. This is the theme of the book of Matthew. 

Special thanks to commentaries by Kent Hughes, Sean O’Donnell, RC Sproul, and David Platt. 

Special thanks to Allen White who’s great book helped me structure a workable plan when I couldn’t come up with one on my own. He’s a great coach too. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Jesus Teaches How to Stop Worry

 This video message is trending higher than most of my recent ones. Clearly, people are wanting answers on how to deal with worry. I know this can help.

8/28/2022 Jesus Teaches How to Stop Worry #worry #anxiety #stress #peace 

Monday, October 10, 2022

Does Bible Literacy Matter?

 New book out entitled: Truth over Tribe: Pledging allegiance to the lamb instead of the donkey or elephant. 

Not bad title. Wondering if the book lives up to that. Looks promising.

Our nation is dividing into tribes. Sometimes we self-identify. Other times somone puts us in a tribe. Regardless, this makes it easier to divide and conquer. And there are forces at work trying to divide our nation…and the Church. 

As it relates to the Church, unity around the basics of the faith is essential. This requires Bible literacy.

Yes, doctrine matters.

Theology too.

But without the foundation of Bible literacy, we’re not going to have sound doctrine, theology or teaching. It starts and stays with Bible literacy. 

We must listen-to, read, study, memorize and mediate on God’s word daily. This gives us a good five-fingered grip on His word. That’s the foundation. This is essential to staying unified around what really matters.

As Christ-followers:

Q. Do we believe that the Bible is truly God’s word to humanity? 

Q. Do we really believe that the Bible is the inspired words of our Creator?

If you do, then ask yourself: 

Q. Do my actions, words, and thoughts reflect that belief? 

Q. Does my lived life look consistent with the words, ways and works of Jesus?”

Because they should.

Dear Dad, please help your kids get their act together starting with what you’ve already said to us. 

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