Sunday, July 19, 2020

Knowing Your Creator

One of the most profound books I’ve ever read was “Knowing God” by J. I. Packer. That’s probably because there’s nothing more profound than knowing (and being known) by your Creator. Personally. To know your Creator is to know what he is like. It’s to know what kind of character he has; what kind of traits. Packer did the world a great service when he wrote this book.

Of course, the reason I so respect J.I. Packer is because he was wise enough to recognize that any wisdom he shared was a dim reflection of the amazing words written in the Holy Bible. His works simply pointed back to the eternal truths found therein.

I thank God for men and women like J.I. Packer. They are a gift to the Church and to our world.


This link contains several articles, videos and a free book (among other things) for your enjoyment.

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