Saturday, January 2, 2021

Welcome 2021: The Best is Yet To Come

 I’ve often hear coach Dabo Swinney say when things don’t turnout well, “The best is yet to come.” After last night’s drubbing of Clemson by Ohio State, he may need to pull that line back out again. 

And he probably will. 

Because he has that kind of perspective on life. It’s not all about football. And it’s not all about my life or yours either. That’s why God let’s us lose sometimes. It’s why we he sometimes lets us crash and burn.

2020 has been a crash and burn year. Brutal. Tragic. Devastating. 

Once again, I am encouraged by these words: “The best is yet to come.”

Then recording artist Ben Rector posts this song today for all to hear. It’s perfect for this thought. This truth. Give it a listen and ask yourself, “Do I believe that the best is yet to come? Is there really this kind of hope?”

Ben Rector - A Song for 2021 via @YouTube


As I think about the rollercoaster year 2020 was, my emotions run the gamut. God has blessed us way more than we deserve. 

So many have suffered. You may ask, “Why?” Well, there’s a simple reason for that. Because sin has consequences. Evil was released. And we all give in to the temptation to selfishly live for ourselves. I know I often do. And while this is what we get when we live life on our terms instead of God’s, it’s not without hope. 

God made a way for us to get back to him; to be reconciled to him in the here and now AND the hereafter. It’s why we can say and sing that “The best is yet to come.” 

When we live in light of eternity—eternity with God—it does more than change our perspective. It releases us to live surrendered lives—for others instead of for ourselves. 

We often pass on this opportunity. But it is there none-the-less. 

Imperfect though we are, we followers of Jesus Christ, let us walk in the hope that the best truly is yet to come and rejoice in that no matter what. Because the path to that best goes through dark valleys...dark valleys indeed. 

So let’s keep the Son in our eyes as we walk through it. Welcome 2021. For good or for ill, we rejoice that the best is yet to come through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

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