Friday, May 15, 2020

My 8000th Evernote

Have you ever been driving somewhere and just happened to look down and see your odometer at an even 100,000 miles?

It’s funny because you have this moment of pride like you did something significant.

“Look honey, I just clicked over 100,000 miles!” like you just finished a marathon on one leg.

Well, this is even more trivial than that. But I noticed so I’m posting. :-)

Evernote is my virtual filing cabinet. It’s where I store everything that I consider important, noteworthy or a work in progress. I file pictures, audio notes, lists, articles, ebooks, ideas holders, important papers and more. So easy too!

I started using Evernote in September of 2009. 8,000 Evernotes later, I’m still very happy with it. It is my most valuable app.  And it’s a significant piece of trivia to me.

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